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4 Tips for More Sustainable Hair Care

Sustainability is vital to us. We believe strongly that every product line should both work to the highest standard, and also have the lowest carbon footprint possible. We have made some pretty exciting changes to the way we manufacture, package and formulate the products to ensure this.

Our packaging is 100% recyclable, including all the lids and bottle tops. Our raw materials are sourced in the United Kingdom. Not only does this mean we can trace back and vouch for every ingredient, but it also enables us to hugely cut down on air pollution.

Now more than ever, it is vital that we have a second thought on our daily habits and try to be eco-conscious and sustainable when caring for our hair. 

Here are some easy-to-do tips and tricks for making your routine sustainable. 

Tip 1: Have colder showers. 

Yes, we know they are not fun. However, the energy used contributes less CO2 emissions compared to hot showers. While the thought of stepping into a cold shower may be daunting, once you are in, you willl be glad you gave it a go. We promise.  

Tip 2: Run the water only when rinsing. 

When applying and massaging in products, turn the tap off. No need for the water to still be running. In addition, opt for our Preparation Spray, which is a reconstructor, cutting lotion, and leave-in conditioner that does not require rinsing and further water usage.

Tip 3: Use products that do not require using a hairdryer

Opt for the below products that can be used in multi-functioning ways, reducing the need to use a hairdryer. 

- Volume Liquid Spray: it infuses fine hair with volume and brilliant shine.

- English Rose Serum: it leaves an ultimate shine without coating the hair for a photo-ready finish, repairs hair, reduces split ends, and protects from UVB rays, and is made with natural English rose extract instead of oil-based silicones.

- Cloudburst Mousse: it creates a defining hold to short or long hairstyles and evaporates to leave no stickiness or residue.

Tip 4: Air Dry 

Linking to tip 3, allowing the hair to naturally air-dry, to reduce energy consumption.


Our talented Electric team, strive to coherently follow Electric's strong ethics on sustainability. Electric deliberately has a carefully selected range of products that allows for hair cocktails, combining our products can create strong, shiny and well-preserved looks, for all hair types, reducing the use of heated tools such as heated rollers or straighteners.