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Guide To Healthy Hair

Ever wonder why your hair looks discoloured? Too oily? Scalp itchy?

Here are a few examples to guide you to have healthier hair and amend these symptoms.

Brush your hair before you shower:
Wet hair is a lot more vulnerable to breakage and hair loss when brushing it through, to alleviate this, brush your hair before your shower to achieve smooth, untangled hair once showered.
Correctly Condition:
Condition the tips/ mid-section of your hair then work your way back to the scalp, especially if you have noticed itching or flaking scalp, it might need extra hydration. A good tip is to leave conditioner on 1 minute before washing your hair to get more hydration to your hair and have an ultimate shine. 
Protect your hair from heat:
Styling your hair with heated tools such as: straighteners or a curling wand, is a frequent method of hairstyling for a lot of us, however the heat can be intense and damaging for your hair. Try and opt for a heat protective spray, such as our P*-4 Preparation Spray: the distilled water-based formula evens out porosity and detangles even the driest, most damaged hair. It is packed with nourishing oils combined with intelligent UV and heating protection ingredients.
Also, try and reduce the use of heated tools by using a volumizing spray to add volume to their hair without weighing it down as well as it being excellent prep for using heat on dry hair: tonging, straightening or heated rollers.
Cut Your Hair:
A frequent hair cut keeps the strands of the hair healthy, if you can, have a haircut every two months or so.