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How to take care of bleached or blonde hair

Changed up your hair colour over Summer? It’s time for some haircare TLC. 
Dying your hair regularly can lead to dried up hair, it can then lead to porous hair which can break and take on other colours, which you definitely don’t want.
Establish a haircare routine that hydrates your bleached hair.
Prolong the life and vibrance of professional colour during this cold weather with our products cold weather with our products, which will leave your hair; hydrated, stronger, silkier. 

Use a protective shampoo and conditioner: After dying and bleaching your hair it is vital to use a gentle shampoo and nourishing conditioner and wash less often than you would unbleached hair – the more you wash it, the more you strip the natural oils and moisture. 

P*-1 COLOUR PROTECT SHAMPOO: This shampoo is pH neutral, making it completely colour safe.

It’s perfect for:

- Prolongs the life and vibrance of professional colour
- Ideal for natural blondes and redheads too
- Antioxidant formula that is highly conditioning

Product benefits:

- Anybody who has added tone or colour to their hair, either permanently or semi-permanently.
- Luminating properties that bring out the colour of anybody who's a natural blonde, red-head or with dark hair.
- Anybody who has undergone a keratin treatment. 

P*-2 COLOUR PROTECT CONDITIONER: A luxurious conditioning cream that encapsulates the colour and natural lustre of your hair.

Product benefits:

- Maximises the life of permanent or semi-permanent colour
- Illuminates and maximises the shine of natural colours too
- Leaves hair silky, glossy and manageable


Watch the heat: After bleaching/ dying your hair, your hair can use some of its natural moisture. Using heat can make your hair moisture a lot worse.

 P*-4 PREPARATION SPRAY: Acts as a leave-in strengthening and conditioning spray, and as a reconstructor and cutting lotion.

Product benefits:

- Multi-functional: a reconstructor, cutting lotion and leave-in conditioner
- Evens out porosity, reduces static and detangles even the driest hair
- Makes hair 10x stronger


For the ends of your hair: If the ends of your hair are looking a bit dry

ºC-1 ENGLISH ROSE SERUM: Silicone free, natural rose oil. Absorbs into the hair, creating maximum shine without feeling oily or greasy.

Product benefits:

- Ultimate shine without coating the hair for a photo-ready finish
- Repairs hair, reduces split ends and protects from UVB rays
- Made with natural English rose extract instead of oil-based silicones