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Making Hair Cocktails

Sometimes the concept of mixing products can be daunting, as it can be difficult knowing where to begin.

Electric has a thought-out product range, designed to integrate well with one-another. They have been expertly formulated by leading chemists and Mark Woolley, the Electric Founder & Creative Director.

We’ve made it our mission to produce products that perform to the needs of elite professionals using ingredients and raw materials sourced by ourselves in the UK. 

Here are a few examples of hair cocktails using our range:

Cocktail 1: Creating a Balm

ºC-1 ENGLISH ROSE SERUM: Silicone free, natural rose oil. Absorbs into the hair, creating maximum shine without feeling oily or greasy.

ºC-4 SHAPING PASTE: Creates a defined look with a silk finish which leaves no build up and doesn't coat the hair.

You can add a minimal amount of each product or, more of one product depending on the look you are going for. It gives the Shaping Paste the natural oil to become more of a balm, which is great for hair styles such as: sleek ponytail, sleek bun. It can cater to all hair types, allowing for a silky balm to be applied over the hair for a natural shine and for creating impressive hairstyles. 


Cocktail 2: Natural Looking Volume

ºC-5 VOLUME LIQUID MIST: Penetrates the hair to naturally swell the cortex to twice its normal thickness. This results in thicker hair at the roots, without coating the hair.

P*-4 PREPARATION SPRAY: Evens out porosity, reduces static and detangles even the driest hair.

Add more movement to your volumized hair by adding a detangler to your routine. Put a few sprays of our Preparation Spray onto your hair before applying some of our Volume Liquid Mist onto the roots of our hair. 


Cocktail 3: Beachy Waves

P*-4 PREPARATION SPRAY: Acts as a leave-in strengthening and conditioning spray, and as a reconstructor and cutting lotion.

ºC-4 SHAPING PASTE: Creates a defined look with a silk finish which leaves no build up and doesn't coat the hair.

To create the perfect beachy waves for thick hair, opt for a leave-in-conditioner, such as our Preparation Spray which will add more texture to your hair, then our Shaping Paste to balance out the texture.

Place a pea-sized amount of both products onto your hands and rub them together and run through your hair.


Finally try not to be too generous when measuring out the hair products, as it can encourage product build-up. To avoid greasy hair, start at the ends of your hair as they are the driest and will need the most nourishing, before adding anything onto your scalp directly.