ºC-7 e.Spray
ºC-7 e.Spray

ºC-7 e.Spray

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  • Extra dry session hairspray packed with natural ingredients
  • Easily brushed out with no residue
  • Used by several of the world's top session stylists

Perfect For

  • Session Hairdressers - for its firm hold and re-workability at the stoke of a brush; brushing out and changing looks on set.
  • Everyday use - though created for session hairdressers, this just means it delivers the best possible performance.
  • The minimal alcohol content means it's far kinder to all hair types, particularly those with coloured hair.

Expert Advice

Hold can between 30-40cm away from the hair and spray. To restyle simply brush – restyle and respray.

This extra dry hairspray is designed and formulated for session stylists.

The Story

Knowing how essential a firm holding hairspray is to a session hair stylist, we set out to create the world’s driest hairspray. The goal was for it to be firm holding without the high alcohol content found in most hairsprays that fades colour and dries out the hair.

After 2 and half years of development, we created an extra dry hairspray with minimal alcohol content, achieving this by using natural cotton seed oil in the carrier, rather than alcohol. This unique formulation provides excellent hold whilst retaining natural movement.


  • Cotton-seed oil rather than alcohol - unlike alcohol it does not fade colour or dry out hair.
  • Jojoba oil, bamboo extract and shea butter - moisture enhancing ingredients to keep hair conditioned without drying.

As part of our environmentally friendly ethos, e.spray is filled by an aerosol filler who specialises in carbon-neutral production. Easily brushed out with no residue, it also contains our signature Electric fragrance, which is universally adored.

The feedback we’ve received has been unprecedented, with many describing it as the best hairspray they’ve ever used. e.spray is now a ‘go-to’ for many of the world’s most influential backstage hairdressers.