ºC-1 English Rose Serum
ºC-1 English Rose Serum

ºC-1 English Rose Serum

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  • Ultimate shine without coating the hair for a photo-ready finish
  • Repairs hair, reduces split ends and protects from UVB rays
  • Made with natural English rose extract instead of oil-based silicones

Perfect For

  • Creating shine and separation to photo-finish the hair.
  • Before blowdrying wet hair to help it dry or after blowdrying as a finishing product.
  • A must-have on photoshoots, already highly revered amongst leading session stylists.

Expert Advice

Before blow-drying, rub a pea sized amount between your hands and gently run through your hair from root to tip, to ensure hair is silky smooth once dry. Or, apply to dry ends to create the perfect finish. Use this formula on wet hair before blow-drying to tame frizzy hair.

Can be mixed with Smoothing Cream to create the ultimate frizz-taming remedy. Can be cocktailed with Shaping Paste to create a soft balm that is great for mid to longer lengths.

The Story

Most hair serums and oils often contain a high percentage of oil based silicones. Our unique formula contains absolute rose extract which is harvested by ourselves from roses grown in the south of England. The formula creates maximum shine without feeling oily or greasy. The exquisite fragrance comes from the beautiful aroma of the English rose.

Use this formula on wet hair before blow-drying to tame frizzy hair, or place on dry hair to create the perfect finish. It absorbs into the hair, ensuring it is dry and non-oily. Simply a must-have on photoshoots, creating definition and texture with an unbeatable shine.