ºC-5 Volume Liquid Mist
ºC-5 Volume Liquid Mist

ºC-5 Volume Liquid Mist

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  • Advanced amplifying formula that delivers long lasting volume
  • Leaves no hint of residue
  • Detangles the hair to prevent breakage

Perfect For

  • Those who want to add volume to their hair without weighing it down.
  • Great to use on the mid-length and ends as a finishing or texturising product when the hair is dry.
  • Excellent prep for using heat on dry hair: tonging, straightening or heated rollers etc.
  • Infuses fine hair with volume and brilliant shine.

Expert Advice

To prep hair for styling spray liberally on slightly damp hair paying attention to the roots, comb, blow-dry and style as desired. To refresh volume on non-shampoo days simply spray onto dry hair, comb and re-style.

The Story

After the success of our Smoothing Cream and Preparation Spray, for the third product in the Electric range we set out to develop the ultimate professional tool for creating long lasting volume and support.

Most volume sprays work by coating the hair heavily at the roots with oil-based silicones, which harden under heat and stiffen the hair. However, the Electric Volume Liquid Mist uses a unique formulation featuring lipidium and Pro Vitamin 5, which penetrates the hair to naturally swell the cortex to twice its normal thickness. This results in thicker hair at the roots, without coating the hair with anything to weigh it down as all the residue evaporates.

Our Volume Liquid Mist includes weightless conditioners which detangle the hair and conditioning agents which penetrate the hair shaft to improve the condition of the cuticle, as well as the outer shaft. It also contains UVB for heat protection.