'Blow' - Art Print by Mark Woolley

'Blow' - Art Print by Mark Woolley

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'Blow' (2016) is a limited edition (1/25) art print by Electric Founder & Creative Director, Mark Woolley.

20% of all proceeds are donated to Centrepoint - a charity supporting homeless young people in the UK. 

The Story

"Reminiscent of a disused billboard, Blow is a celebration of British creativity and the Ormond hairdryer of the 1950s. The Ormond hairdryer is what Singer is to the seamstress; a timeless classic and reliable game changer. Mounted upon the canvas in a solid wood frame, the Ormond rests upon a bed of torn sheet music and glimpses of 1960s David Bailey imagery gathered from British publications. I wanted to make a tribute to the Ormond hairdryer and the changes it made to the British hairdressing industry." - Mark Woolley